I have enabled auditing in SharePoint 2010. I wanted to create a Report for 'Content Viewing' that should contain a list of who opened which files in SharePoint.

This worked for me in the past. But recently i am getting a timeout exception when trying to create the Reports.

Probably the logs are too big and therefore cause the timeout.What can I do to prevent this and create those Reports anyway?

  • Do you found any way to overcome this issue? I am getting same issue. – love thakker Feb 16 '17 at 11:21
  • I unfortunately could not overcome this issue yet. – Alexander Mar 6 '17 at 12:33

This issue happen due to couple of reason.

  • Hardware issue, you have huge data but your hardware not supporting it.
  • You have the tons of data in Audit log which require more time to processing.

I think, if you have more than 2 months old data then trim the audit log to get the reports. Also if your hardware issue, try to upgrade it.

For trimming you can use the below command:

stsadm -o trimauditlog -url <URL name> -date <YYYYMMDD> -databasename <database name> [-databaseserver] <database server name>

For more information visit Unable to view Audit Report.

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