We have a SharePoint 2013 on-premise environment. We are using the organization chart which users find very fancy. The problem is that it only shows the HTML version in Google Chrome, not the Silverlight one.

It works well in IE and other browsers. Is it somehow possible to make it work with Silverlight in Google Chrome?

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We had the same issue and we learn that google is opting out from silverlight and they are disabled the silverlight plugin support in chrome.

Their is still a workaround which you can use till end of 2015.to enable the silverlight in chrome follow these instructions:

  1. install the Silverlight component on PC.
  2. Enter chrome://flags/#enable-npapi into your Chrome address bar.
  3. find NPAPI Mac, Windows on the page(1st one) and Click Enable.
  4. at the end of page click Relaunch Now to activate the changes.

After this you may see the permission error.

  1. Click on the puzzle piece at the far right of the address bar.
  2. Select Always allow plug-ins on content.testout.com and click Done.

Alternate is, you can use IE or Firefox for permanent Solution. KBA-098 - Silverlight Plugin Blocked in Chrome Browser


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