I've got a Search Center configured. When I'm choosing to use that alternative from another site collection in SharePoint my url gets a bit messed up.

In Central Admin the Search Center URL is configured to: http://sharepoint/sites/site/

  • What I want: http://sharepoint/sites/site/results.aspx?k=searchContentText
  • What I get: http://sharepoint/sites/site/default.aspx/results.aspx?k=searchContentText

When I navigate to the search center I of course come to the welcome page, default.aspx and if i search from the defult.aspx (search center) my result page is displayed with the results. But if I get sent there with the faulty url i can't even redo the search to get to the result.aspx page.

What can be causing this issue? Any suggestions?

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So I solved the issue and thought someone might find this useful if they encounter the same issue.

I created an empty Wikipages library on the search center and changed the configuration to that url.

Before: http://sharepoint/sites/site/

After: http://sharepoint/sites/site/pages

That solved the issue, now the search works great.

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