I am trying to limit my search results to a specific site collection, but it is NOT working.

I have the following configuration:

1- Root site collection

2- /sites/teamsitecollection

3- /sites/teamsitecollection/searchcenter

Basically I am trying to configure search center to NOT display any results from the Root Site collection when a user queries from from /sites/teamsitecollection.

what i did.

  1. Configured the search settings /sites/teamsitecollection to point to the following results page: /sites/teamsitecollection/SearchCenter/results.aspx.

  2. On the /sites/teamsitecollection configured a RESULT SOURCE with the following query transform: {searchTerms} Path={SiteCollection.URL}*

However this configuration continues to display results from the root site collection. any ideas?

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I am facing the same issue. I just made it work with a workaround by specifying the site collection URL as a part of the query. This is not a generic approach that will work for all the site collection but as per my requirement, it works.

Solution: Specify the "Append Text To Query" of the core results webpart Path:"*/sites/teamsitecollection"

'*' is used so it can work in different environments like dev > stage >prod

Ref: MSDN Blog

Hope this helps.

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