My objective is to create some custom document templates that are connected to list data. At first glance I thought this would be pretty straight forward using quick parts but I have run into a snag that has me scratching my head.. One of the requested behaviors is to have sub criteria / options auto populate.

I am not sure quite how to approach this. or if its even possible with a document template.

Scenario: User selects "Company" from a drop down The address information auto populates (Address, State , Zip) If multiple addresses are present in the list for the company the fields remain blank and the first address options are limited to the addresses associated with the "Company"

The same behavior has been requested for adding contacts and so on.

Does anyone have some suggestions on how best to approach this?

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This article covers it off.

I have found sometimes when I go insert, quick part, the meta data I have selected in my content type is not present. If I remove and re-attach the content type, this usually fixes it.

I have also seen that I need to "edit template" in the parent content type to access these options, if that makes sense.

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