So I have a DVWP with an Edit Form. The form uses jQuery tabs to organize the fields for the different roles that edit the item. I would like to show a message at the top of the form if at least one fields fail validation. Is there a simple way to do this that keeps all OTB column validation fully functional?

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I needed a simple method to determine if there was at least on error in a form field on any of the tabs. Because ms-error is present in the DOM before an error has occurred (people picker), I had to find a different way. Also, because different fields render the error message in different ways, I had to account for all methods in my form. What I ended up doing was targeting the three methods that I found.

var varTaskTitleHasError = $("span span[role='alert']").length;
var varTaskDateHasError = $("span #DateTimeFieldErrorMessage").length;
//I only had one People Picker field so the method below might not work when more than one is present.
var varTaskAssignHasError = $("span .ms-error").text();

Then I tested on these variables

if(varTaskTitleHasError > 0 || varTaskDateHasError > 0 || varTaskAssignHasError !== ""){
    ...Do Something
    ...Do Nothing

So if an error message was found, I did a .show() on my error message that rendered above the tabs.

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You could try to search for the error message span with class .ms-error and append the column title to your message element in the top of the form.

Could be something like:

    $("#myValidationMessage").append($(this).closest("td.ms-formbody nobr").text());

You can add this to $(document).ready(), because the page reloads on validation errors.

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