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400 Bad request upload file SharePoint online

When I am trying to upload a file using FileCreationInformation, I am getting a http 400 bad request error at the context.executequery() call. I can upload the file successfully using SaveBinaryDirect ...
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Sharepoint 2010 foundation - starting a Windows legacy app

I am a complete beginner on this - being a software person doing some voluntary work for a charity, and having been asked to set up an intranet for them using Sharepoint (which I know nothing ...
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Look & Feel - Pagelayouts and Site Templates

I recently ran into a rather unfortunate assignment. It regards the selection of pagelayouts and sitetemplates which subsites should be able to use. As I'm supposed to change this for 20+ site ...
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Getting HTTP 401 Unauthorized error while trying to call Lists.asmx

I am facing this weired issue while trying to call the GetList method of the Lists.asmx web serice from my local dev box. Everything works fine as long as I pass default credentials listProxy....
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Copy a list from one SharePoint site to another using web services (no Object Model)

How can I copy a list (including fields, views or Schema) from one SharePoint web site and create an equivalent list instance on another SharePoint web site (which can be in a different site ...
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