I have a workflow which is unable to send an email to the users. I got this in the log :

"workflow failed to get user profile".

The user in the "CC" field receives the email but the "TO" field doesn't. The "TO" field is a column of content type:

Alert recipient; this field type is "user or group" I need to use Allow multiple users. Note that if only one user allowed,the reception of the email is perfectly done.

Looking Up for String:

FIELD DATA TO RETRIVE:Data Source:USER PROFILES,Return field as String
Find the list Item :Field:Account Name,Value:currentItem Alert
Receipeint. Looking Up for Person or Group: Data Source:current Item
Field from source:Alert Receipeint. Return Field As:Email Address.

Any help will be appreciated.

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Check this blog post out, it should cover all the bases you need to use user or group field while sending email to all users contained in such field:


tl;dr: Need to get comma delimited Display or Login Names from the field :)


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