I'm trying to create a custom web part that consumes from an OOTB list view web part's "Send Row of Data To" producer. The list has a lookup field to another list, and I need that value (the associated item in that other list) as a parameter in my custom web part.

Resources I've looked through:

What provider interface does the OOTB list view web part use? IRowProvider looked like a candidate, but it's listed as obsolete.

Hopefully, once I know what interface is being used, I can find the api and figure out how to drill into the row's data.

side note: Does anyone know where I can find the api for the OOTB list view web part? Perhaps it's documented in there? So far, I've only found this and this, and they haven't been helpful.



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Tried IWebPartRow?


  • Indeed, this is the solution. I found that class after tinkering half an hour more. My frustration was making me desperate ~_~.
    – Kache
    Commented Feb 5, 2011 at 7:04

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