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I'd like to add a menu on the home page that uses the same type of grid tile layout as what initially comes on a new site's page...

enter image description here

Is there a native/already installed web part or app that allows me to add this type of tiled menu?



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Yes, you absolutely can add the list of tiles like this. If you want to create the tile menu like this. You should use these steps:

  • Create a promotion list. Go to Site Content -> Add an app -> Choose Promotion Link list -> pick a name and create this list.
  • Go to the list just created and add the tiles you want to show with title, description, link, background image...
  • Go to the landing page you want to show the tile menu on: Edit page -> Insert this list to the page and Save.

So you will see the tile menu display on the landing page.

  • Great, thanks so much Mike... Any suggestions on how to change the size of the tiles/links?
    – Redink
    Feb 7, 2014 at 19:51

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