I'm not able to find Filter web part category along with the other categories as i try to add the Date Filter web part to my Publishing Site that has Empty Web Part Page as it's layout. Is it that the Standard version of SharePoint 2013 doesn't provide Filter web parts? Or am I missing some feature? Or are such kind of web parts specific to certain site types/page layouts?

Thanks in advance!


I "assume" Filter web parts are part of SharePoint Server 2013 Enterprise Edition, as this was true in SP 2007 and I believe in SP 2010. However I did not find any useful information in the web. I do understand if this Kind of Basic web part is missing from SharePoint Foundation, but why it is not available in Standard Edition is hard to understand.


The Filter web parts in SharePoint 2013 are available if you activate the Enterprise Feature for your SiteCollection.

  • The "Enterprise Feature" is not part of SharePoint Standard though! – Robert Lindgren Sep 30 '14 at 11:51

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