somehow my branding elemnt disappeared. If I try to get it from Powershell it is still there

PS C:\temp> $app = Get-SPWebApplication http://myintranet
PS C:\temp> Write-Host $app.SuiteBarBrandingElementHtml
<div class=ms-core-brandingText>MyIntranet</div>
PS C:\temp> Write-Host $app.Name

But it doesn't show up on the site? It's not hidden by css. Do you know what could be the problem or how to solve it?


EDIT: This is what is rendered:

<div id="suiteBarLeft">
<div class="ms-table ms-fullWidth">
    <div class="ms-tableRow">
            <div class="ms-tableCell ms-verticalAlignMiddle">


While a working site collection has the following code:

<div id="suiteBarLeft">
    <div class="ms-table ms-fullWidth">
    <div class="ms-tableRow">
        <div class="ms-tableCell ms-verticalAlignMiddle">
            <div class="ms-core-brandingText">SharePoint</div>


I am using a custom master page but not a custom solution. Going back to a seattle masterpage doesn't solve.

  • not a good solution but I've forced the text with jquery
    – Gyonder
    Feb 3, 2014 at 10:47
  • 1
    Does there exist something like an official solution to this issue? I am struggling with exactly the same problem and don't know where to search anymore. When creating a new site collection on the same server with the same design, it works properly. Shouldn't in the master-file exist a line, which integrates the SuteBarBrandingElementHtml or something like that? Regards, Eddie
    – eddie-666
    Mar 24, 2014 at 13:41

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Another way to do this (that's better than using JavaScript) is to create a user control that inherits and deploy it as a delegate control in a feature.

Tobias Zimmergren wrote an article about the different new delegates in SP 2013 that can help you override the left or the right side of the SuiteLinks bar:

SP 2013: Some new DelegateControl additions to the SharePoint 2013 master pages


You are missing " around the class attribute. This probably makes your browser a bit angry.

Try to set it like:

<div class="ms-core-brandingText">MyIntranet</div>

and then do an $app.Update()

  • It doesn't wotrk. I have also simply tried : $webapp.SuiteBarBrandingElementHtml = "MyIntranet" but no luck
    – Gyonder
    Feb 3, 2014 at 8:22
  • Does it get rendered at all? And do you have any custom solutions installed? Could be something overriding the whole SuiteBar element Feb 3, 2014 at 8:24
  • It' doesn't get rendered at all. I've edited with what is rendered. I'm not using a custom solution
    – Gyonder
    Feb 3, 2014 at 8:36

For resolving your issue , you need to activate this feature:

Go to CA

Click System Settings->Manage farm features under Farm Management

Scroll to the feature 'Social Tags and Note Board Ribbon Controls', activate it

original post is here under "update"

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