I need to change the blue top ribbon color for an Office 365 Team Site. I have read dozens of instructions including those in these forums, but they don't seem to work. Some of the instructions are dated because MS is always changing things. Specifically, I have tried editing the CSS and changing suitebar colors. I have tried adding recommended entries to the CSS file. The closest I have come is to edit the palette001.spcolor file. This changes the colors correctly when viewing the available themes, but does not take when the theme is applied. I feel like I'm losing my mind - this shouldn't be so difficult.


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Instead of using CSS, customize it from the admin section. Here is an excellent step by step instruction from Microsoft:
Customize the Office 365 theme for your organization

In case CSS is your only option, use the following style:

div.o365cs-base.o365cst.o365spo .o365cs-topnavBGColor-2, div.o365cs-base.o365cst.o365spo.o365cs-topnavBGColor-2, div.o365cs-base .o365cs-topnavLinkBackground-2 {
    background-color: Red;
  • Thanks. I looked at the link you provided earlier. Their instructions say to click on "Settings -> Organization Profile". I don't have an Organization Profile listed under settings or in Site Settings. I also looked in the SharePoint Admin Center as well. My CSS file doesn't have the entry you listed. I tried adding it, but it didn't change anything. Thanks.
    – Jason
    Sep 26, 2016 at 23:49
  • Put a # symbol in front of your CSS code and it worked. THANKS!!!
    – Jason
    Sep 26, 2016 at 23:51

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