I need to publish and install provider hosted app on app catalog site on test environment.

I followed the procedure by registering app using


and published app , used Client Id and self signed certificate details while Publishing.

Next when I installed app on test and tried to run it I get below error:

This page can't be displayed

Make sure the web address https://mytestserver.com is correct.

Look for the page with your search engine.

Refresh the page in a few minutes.

Make sure TLS and SSL protocols are enabled. Go to Tools > Internet Options > Advanced > Settings > Security

Am I doing something wrong?


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I m assuming what you trying to achieve here is - Office 365 + App in Azure Websites

If so there is few steps that you need to follow before you can successfully deploy Provider Hosted App -

  1. Make sure you have "Apps for Office and SharePoint Toolkit" installed in your project, use nuget package manager for it.
  2. Then follow this blog deploying-sp2013-provider-hosted by Chris O'Brien

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