I have a custom list in a webpart. I need to search that list based on some filter conditions. How can we do that using visual studio code ?

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I'm going to assume, based on your question, that you are new to SharePoint development. So, the first step is to spend some time to understand the fundamentals - here's a video that will help you get started. It's for SharePoint 2010 but most of the material applies to SharePoint 2013 as well.

SharePoint 2010 for ASP.NET Developers

Then you want to take a look at how to build web parts:

Creating Web Parts for SharePoint

Then you can move on to what you need to do to query the list. In SharePoint, this is done using a CAML query.

SPList.GetItems method (SPQuery)

Query Schema

  • Your assumption is correct. I'm new to sharepoint.(2 months) :)
    – Anish V
    Dec 12, 2013 at 6:31

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