I want to enable/disable a dropdown field based on the value of other dropdown field in the sharepoint 2013 form.I know that it is possible using jquery but i dont know how to write? help me to get the correct code.

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Suppose the id of two dropdown controls you have is "ddl1" and "ddl2". So the code snippet for your requirement will be

$(function() {
            $("#ddl1").change(function() {
                if ($(this).val() == "<yourValue>") {
                    $("#ddl2").prop("disabled", true);
                    $("#ddl2").prop("disabled", false);

The above code will disable the "ddl2" dropdown on select of a particular value in first dropdown. And will enable it if you select another value. Make sure you have included jquery reference and assigned id's to your fields.

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    You should use .prop() for disabled rather than .attr(). Oct 20, 2013 at 3:38
  • Almost there. It should be $("#ddl2").prop("disabled", true); Properties are binary: they are either on or off, thus true or false. As of jQuery 1.6, you can't use .attr(). See: api.jquery.com/prop Oct 20, 2013 at 12:53

Use javascript, if you want to do it in client side.

function DisableDropdown(id1){
    var elementID;
    elementID = document.getElementById(id1);
    elementID.disabled = true;

on selecting any values from dropdown1 it will disable dropdown2 and vice versa.

$(function() {
            $("#dropdown1").change(function() {
                 $("#dropdown2").prop("disabled", true);
           $("#dropdown2").change(function() {
                 $("#dropdown1").prop("disabled", true);    

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