I have setup the public-facing website and created a document library in Office365 SharePoint Online.

I would like to configure an Information Management Policy Setting for the document library that defines document retention.

I have been following the instructions in the section entitled 'Create a policy for a list, library or folder' in the link:

Create and apply information management policies - http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/sharepoint-online-enterprise-help/create-and-apply-information-management-policies-HA101631505.aspx

I opened the public-facing website using Microsoft SharePoint Designer and then viewed the 'Documents' library under 'Lists and Libraries'.

When I click the ribbon button 'Administration Web Page' I do not have the link 'Information management policy settings' under 'Permissions and Management'. The only links I have under 'Permissions and Management' are:

  • Permissions for this document library

  • Manage files which have no checked in version

  • Workflow Settings

Something just isn't right here.

I can't see where I can configure this setting.

Can someone guide me please.

Thanks in advance.



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The public facing site of SharePoint Online is not a full featured version of SharePoint. This is why you do not see the Information Management Policy. Below is what is listed in the Service Description.

Public Website: Designed for small businesses and professionals to market their business with a simple and professional public website. This site is intended for simple, low-traffic, branded websites to display business information, location, maps, directions, and contact information. This site is managed via a new tool called Site Designer for personalization and builds off of simple out-of-the-box web templates. Office 365 customers can create only one simple public website per tenancy. And once created, customers are able to apply a vanity URL—such as http://www.contoso.com—that they have procured outside of Office 365. Note • Vanity URLs can only be applied to the public website. Customers cannot apply a vanity URL to an intranet zone site. • The public website does not grant use rights to leverage the SharePoint publishing portal components. These features are only supported for intranet sites within the private site collections created in the SharePoint Online Administration Center. The public website is configurable by use of the built-in Site Designer ribbon tool. • Editing the Public Website with SharePoint Designer is not supported.

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