I'm using Sharepoint 2013 and having a problem and I found some records in UserData table that seem to have Chinese characters in the column. The column where I see this is the tp_ColumnSet. This column is XML of the values in the list that it belongs to. I have found this list in SharePoint by using the tp_ListId and looking up in AllLists the list that matches that ID.

Here is the XML for this record.

<ntext2>&lt;div class="ExternalClass9DB19E6929B74D6EB9D92825BBE42503"&gt;&lt;p&gt;​ESTA ES UNA PRUEBA&lt;br&gt;&lt;/p&gt;&lt;/div&gt;</ntext2>
<nvarchar1>TICKET DE PRUEBA</nvarchar1>
<nvarchar3>(3) Baja</nvarchar3>

Google translate doesn't seem to understand these characters. I picked several different languages but none of it makes much sense. We don't have any Chinese, Korean, or Japanese language packs installed, so I don't know why this content is in there like that. Does anyone know what this says, or why it is in there? Has my SharePoint been compromised?



They're encoded characters. What you're seeing is expected behavior, in addition, outside of a lab/test environment, you shouldn't be poking in the database and should never query SharePoint databases directly as that is not supported.

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