I'm reasonably new to PowerShell and have created a script to deploy a list into SharePoint using PNP PowerShell. One of the list items is a user field that is created with the following line

Add-PnPField -List "Owners" -DisplayName "Owner" -InternalName Owner -Type User -Required -ErrorAction Continue -AddToDefaultView | Out-Null

Can anyone tell me how I set this field to be users only and not users & groups?

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This is unfortunately not possible via the Add-PnPField command, so what you can do is use Add-PnPField to add the field first and then use Set-PnPField to modify the field to make it PeopleOnly.

You can do that as below:

$field = Add-PnPField -List "Owners" -DisplayName "Owner" -InternalName Owner -Type User -Required -ErrorAction Continue -AddToDefaultView | Out-Null

Set-PnPField -List "Owners" -Identity $field.Id -Values @{"SelectionMode"=0}
  • Thanks for the help Gautam I was getting an error because $field was null but i fixed it by adding a line to get the id of the owner column between the two $field = Get-PnPField -List "Owners" -Identity "Owner" Jul 30, 2020 at 15:34

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