When leaving the PeoplePicker after entering single space, it automatically resolves to "AllUsers(Windows)" or "NTAUTHORITY\AllUsers".

Why this issue happening? Please give your solutions/suggestions to solve this issue.

enter image description here


Does this issue happen on all people column or just a specified people column? Test in other list or other site.

Try to delete the people column and re-add it then check the results.

Make sure if there are some search rules that make this issue.

Go to CA > Search service application, do an index reset and do a full crawl. Then check the results.

  • This issue happening people picker column with the options People and Groups. – Xavi Feb 17 at 22:17
  • Have you tried the solutions provided in my above reply? – imp. MSFT Feb 18 at 5:39
  • Yes. didn't help sorry. – Xavi Feb 20 at 16:56

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