I am looking for a way to display an SPFx web part within a pop-window in a way, similar to using the modal window ( as descrbed here: https://www.ericgregorich.com/blog/2013/12/30/open-a-page-in-a-sharepoint-modal-window ), but within a modern page.

More or less the same question seems to have been asked already:


Is there any alternative of model-dialog available for SharePoint Modern Page?

Add an SPFx WebPart from an SPFx Extension on a modern site

, but the answers are far from satisfactory.

I mean, putting a whole web part, containing many additional components and dependencies within an Office UI Fabric Dialog is a way too inconvenient for many projects.

There must be better ways to achieve that. Is using the Office UI Fabric Dialog really the only option currently available?

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Office UI-fabric is tailored specifically for Office 365 and SharePoint Online. Even if you find another front-end framework that works, you should not expect it to continue working in the future, as SharePoint Online is a product that changes constantly over time.

If you use a framework for your webpart (React / Angular) it's perfectly acceptable and quite simple to put the entire program logic within a modal dialog.

To answer your question: Yes, if I were you, I would consider it my only option and the natural choice.


Use the pnp-SPFX-Controls for open page in popup as similar to classic


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