I have a sharepoint web application, with two subsites "test1" and "test2".

enter image description here I am trying to get the subsites using classes from Microsoft.SharePoint.Client namespace.

var context = new ClientContext(string.Format("http://{0}", "www05:48042"));

context.Credentials = new NetworkCredential(credentials.Login, credentials.Password);
var sites = context.Web.Webs;


Login and password are correct. However, I am always getting an empty collection in webs, but should get at least 2 elements. What am I doing wrong? Any suggestions?


Those are not subsites instead they are different site collections

Pages are what you actually see and use on SharePoint. A Site is a collection of pages. A SiteCollection is, as the name indicates, a collection of sites. A WebApplication is a collection of SiteCollections.

and AFAIK, client context does not expose objects like SPWebApplication, you can try PowerShell though:

Get-SPSite -limit all -WebApplication http://yourWebapplicationUrl | Ft -autosize -wrap | Out-File -FilePath "PathToYourFile"

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