Short version How do I provision Content Types and Site defs in Sharepoint online, onto my host web? I would prefer reusing existing content type definitions

Long version

We are migrating a fairly large SP2013 -> SP Online (Provider Hosted)

The part I'm working with is the provisioning, I've been looking at the pnp and they seem to recommend NOT using Feature-provisoning, but they give no reason to why.

Does anyone know why?

  • I want to re-use all content type definitions. So I was thinking about copy pasting them to my appweb-project, then somehow getting them to the host-web and provisioning them there, where I want them.

  • The alternative would be to keep them as loose xml-files in my provider web, use AddFieldAsXml(), using parts of the xml...but it seems hacky.

I would much rather do the first alternative.

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