How to get specific properties of object with C# Client SharePoint object model?

My code with JSOM is:

Collection of objects:

clientContext.load(items, "Include(ID, Title, EmpDays, EmpPosition, EmpDirection, EmpDepartment)");

One object:

clientContext.load(user, "Title", "LoginName");

How to do this with C# Client SharePoint Object Model ?

Thank you previously!

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Use a lambda expression like below,

For one item

clientContext.Load(user, u => u.Title, u => u.LoginName);

For a collection

ctx.Load(items, i => i.Include(f => f.Id, f => f.Title));

See here https://www.itunity.com/article/loading-specific-values-lambda-expressions-sharepoint-csom-api-windows-powershell-1249


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