In a Web-based InfoPath 2007 form, I have 2 fields, one field is a drop-down list field and another field is a text field.

The drop-down list contain two values: 'Like' and 'Dislike'. When the user select 'Dislike', the text field will enable the user to enter why he/she dislike. However, if the user select 'Like', the text field is disabled (It will be a empty field and does not allow user to enter any data into it)

How do I simulate the above situation in a web-based InfoPath form?

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  • Create the text box
  • Create the dropdown
    • Create a new choise: Value=1 | Display Name= Like
    • Create a new choise: Value=2 | Display Name= Dislike
    • Modify the default choise: Value=0 | Display Name= Select...
  • Add a rule to the text box (formating rule)
    • Set a condition: Dropdown | is not equal | 2
    • Click "Disable this control"

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