I am trying to attach files to a list item through a sandboxed visual web part programatically. Tried the following options

  1. SharePoint Attachments control: Not available for sandboxed solution

  2. File Upload Control to attach a file. File Upload control does not work in sandboxed web part

  3. Attaching files through ECMASCRIPT for a list item. ECMASCRIPT cannot attach files. It only reads\add\delete\update site data. File operations are not available in ECMASCRIPT

Please help me? I am in need of this immediately...

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Here is something I previously bookmarked for uploading via the Client OM, this code should be Sandbox compatible.


  • I found the first method did not work for me until I added a context.Load(docs); between lines 10 and 11. Commented Sep 8, 2011 at 6:40

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