Recently there has been talk about improving the purchasing process at the company I work for. As it stands, one of the biggest limitations for the purchasing process is that the managers can not always access SharePoint to open a form and approve it.

The mindset of the IT department is to go with lazy approval to make things easier on the end user.

However, I want to take it a step further and provide the end users with a mobile application that lets them view the purchase requests that are awaiting their approvals. At the end of the form they get a simple Approve/Reject buttons that once hit, will send their response back to SharePoint.

The first thing that I see that could throw a wrench in the works, is actually being able load the data from an info-path form into a mobile application. I feel like this should be possible since info-path is built upon xml and the look and feel of how the data is represented would be handled by the application itself.

Is this possible?

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My apologizes, I should have spent a few more mins researching before posting. The link to the document in an info-path library actually opens up the xml. see the below link for more details. This doesnt answer my question if I can load it into a mobile application, but now that I have the raw xml that shouldnt be an issue.


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