I found a bookmark in my browser that was pointing to a page on my SharePoint 2013 environment (with Project Server 2013) like this http//dev/PWA/TheApp I want to delete this site, but couldn't find it on the Site contents of http//dev/PWA/. So I thought "Maybe it's an App?..." (because Apps are not supposed to appear on the Site Contents). So I went to Central Administration App Catalogue, but as it turns out, the site http//dev/, doesn't even have an App Catalogue... So I thought "Maybe it's a Web part?..." so I went to the Site Settings -> Solutions, but there are no web parts there.

After opening SharePoint Designer and looking into "All files" I saw a folder name TheApp with a aspc file inside it, but the deete button is greyed out and if I click the aspx file I get the warning below:

Not permitted

But looking at SharePoint Designer permissions for the http//dev/ site, this is what's configured: Designer permissions

So... It's not an App, it's not a Web part, and I can't delete it with SP Designer... What is it and how can I delete it?

NB: sorry for any error in understanding the problem but I'm still learning my way around this technology.

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I was able to delete the site using SharePoint Manager (https://spm.codeplex.com/).

As an additional information, I tried removing the DisableWebDesignFeatures property (as explained here) however that didn't worked.

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