I am attempting to grab the text value of a lookup dropdown after an Item is Added.

The way I'm currently doing this, gives me the string 23#ADMIN, which is the combined ID and text. I could go the dirty route and parse this text, but I figure there must be a way to just grab ONLY the text portion without manipulation.

I'm currently doing this like so:

SPListItem requestItem = properties.ListItem;               
var tradeClass = requestItem[tradeClassCol].ToString();

How can I accomplish grabbing just the selected item's text? And if so, is there a simpler way to just grab the ID as well?


I have also attempted this solution, but have had no luck. I get the error "Column XXX does not exist..." I think this may have something to do with it being a Lookup column?


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You can use:

string value = (new SPFieldLookupValue(item["FieldName"] as String)).LookupValue


I used it like this

string value = (new SPFieldLookupValue(properties.ListItem["FieldName"].ToString())).LookupValue;

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