Task: when user updates an item, change synchronously another hidden field of this item. Problem: save conflict occurs AFTER update is called (not on this line).

  • I subscribe on EventReceiver's ItemUpdating method
  • I use SystemUpdate instead of Update.
  • EventFiring is off
  • AllowUnsafeUpdates is true

But I still get the same error. What is wrong with this code?...

    public void SyncTextFields()
        _listItem["Investigation_Exporter_Text"] = Exporter;
  • Set the synchronization property in the eventbinder.xml file to Synchronous. – Akhoy Jul 30 '15 at 15:58

I used SPItemEventProperties.AfterProperties instead of inner SPListItem and it worked fine. Thanks for reply. I'l try to set Synchronous and check if it help.

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