I have a column called project based on a static list of values. I would like that list to display all already existing values in project and allow the user to add a new one if he does not find the one he wants (so the added value should be displayed next time)

Is it possible or do i have to create a new column with another type ? The lookup column can't list it's own values ...


Use a lookup column and show the user how to add new items to the lookup list.

  • Thanks ! Exactly what i needed. I created my list, the lookup column and without any JS code – Pi Home Server Jun 11 '15 at 11:36

I figure you have a few options:

  • use JavaScript on the new/edit form to retrieve a list of existing project values and add it to the Project drop down
  • create another list where users can add items and the Project column is a lookup for that list. so on the new/edit form where project is you could add add an option to add a new item to the lookup list. would need to use custom JS here too.

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