I've been having several problems with Themes in 2013 with respect to missing images and resources between environments. They seem to use a theme GUID in paths which isn't the same across environments.

The below CSS reference loads in Dev, but when I deploy my branding solution to Production, it goes missing. Why? This is not CSS I have created or referenced in any Master Page or Page.

How can I ensure all Theme resources are getting loaded no matter the environment it is deployed to?

enter image description here

I could copy the classes from control15-*****.themedcss to my custom Style.css. but that isn't a great solution


you have to activate the theme on the destination site.

if you enable it just in dev it will not work in prod.

the themed folder is created on-the-fly and the references added to the master page at that same moment.

if you want to use images on your solution, I would recommend having copies of your own

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