var feature = spSite.Features.SingleOrDefault(sf => sf.Definition.DisplayName.ToLower().Equals(strFeatureName));//Error block
     if (feature != null)//if feature is activated
       spSite.Features.Remove(feature.DefinitionId);//deactivate feature
       spSite.Features.Add(feature.DefinitionId);//activate feature

I am using this code to check for activated features using a windows forms app. It is working fine in local but showing object reference error in DEV machine. I suspect the first line might be causing the error.

Can anyone figure out what would be causing the error and a workaround for this?


Try below

var feature = null;
if(spSite.Features != null) {
    feature = spSite.Features.SingleOrDefault(f => (f.Definition != null && f.Definition.DisplayName != null && f.Definition.DisplayName.ToLower().Equals(strFeatureName));

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