When I upload any document to my SharePoint site, it uploads just fine. I can upload using the website, SPD or WDAV.

However, when I try to upload a file with the extension .jpg .png and such the following happens.

Independent of the method I use to upload, after I hit the upload button it changes to the "processing" state and then after about 5 minutes it fails with a blank page. Stating that it can't load the page.

  • Within SPD it just keeps "processing" the file.
  • Using WDAV it eventually does "copy" the file or so it looks. I think it creates an empty file with . format, because I can't open the actual image file, after it uploads using WDAV.

I'm running SP2010 on Win2k8sp2

Do you have any idea how to fix this, or where to start looking?

  • Check restricted file types and also check whether do you have event receivers on Library. – Nagaraju Pattem Mar 2 '15 at 12:03
  • Same issue here.The cause could be a security update installed in December 2014. – user40204 Mar 4 '15 at 17:06
  • Exact same issue here. JPGs and PNGs just hang on Processing. Other file types are fine. Have checked restricted files. Haven't tried WDAV though. This is a new install, so haven't tried SPD either yet. Any ideas which update Francesco? – user40219 Mar 4 '15 at 23:58

Please look here.It seems to be caused by a security update


We have seen a number of SharePoint issues caused by a recent Security Update KB 3013126 (MS14-085), including the following:

  1. Unable to create Sites (Even with OOB templates except "Blank Site" template).
  2. Image File Upload to picture libraries fails.
  3. Content deployment hangs.
  4. AspMenu does not function correctly (menu drop down does not work).
  5. W3WP crashes with a stack overflow (it can hang too).


The issue appears to have been caused by an update to windowscodecs.dll (By Security Update KB 3013126).


The current workaround is to either uninstall this KB 3013126 or update IE on the server to IE9 or IE10 (happens only if the server has IE8) or install KB971512.

It seems that there are some more prerequisites that are missing from the security patch reference which gets covered by installing IE9\IE10 or installing KB971512.


The issue is the same using webdav and the pictures files are not restricted file types.

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