We have SharePoint Enterprise in our environment, on top of that we use the Search Server 2010 which works well except when I want to find a specific page in the Crawl Log. If I want to see whether or not a page has been crawled I go to the Log Viewer page:


When I try to look for a URL, even a Success one I can see on the page, I enter the complete URL in the URL or Host name Search By box and then press Search...and No Results. I don't see any errors on the page or in the ULS log. Has anyone had this page work? I am not quite convinced that this has ever worked, although I am not sure why that would be when every other part of the SSA has worked; it would be very handy if it did.

While Alex's initial answer to this sort of resolved my problem with finding specific pages I can see that this issue still exists after SP1 is installed and I cannot get anything to return with the URL or Host name option enabled.

Does this feature work for anyone?


It seems to be the normal (even though not optimal) behavior. You can search on web application level only. Searching for a single site, page or item will give you "0 results".

The only way I found to narrow the results is selecting a content source and apply additional filters like "Status" or "Start/End Time".

  • Sounds like what I have seen, although I hadn't tried the filters, will do so next time I need to do this. Thanks! – MichaelF Jun 15 '11 at 16:31
  • I find myself needing this again and it STILL doesn't work after SP1. – MichaelF Jun 11 '12 at 13:25

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