I have to set my feature properties from VS.
When I double-click on the file FeatureName.Feature ,
I do not see the properties window but VS open the feature design manager.
How can I change the properties? I do not want change the manifest.xml directly.


You can follow following step:

  1. Double click om the file FeatureName.Feature
  2. Then on the feature main window press F4.

This will show the properties pane.

  • Thanks! I was just pressing F4 and VS shows the file properties (not the SP properties) – Nk SP Oct 1 '14 at 8:12
  • Put your cursor near your main window. Just like close to where Items in this package written. – Aanchal Oct 1 '14 at 8:13

I Followed these things :

Step 1 Once we have configured and installed the SharePoint 2013, we will go to Central Administration (CA) Step 2 Now click the "Manage User Profiles" link, it will redirect to the profile search page.

Step 3 Select the user name from the result; it will load the profile page.

Step 4

We will see all the new properties that are available in a 2013 user profile compared to SharePoint features.

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