I'm trying to activate a sandbox solution on SharePoint 2013 using C#.

This is the code that I am using, it's working and the solution is activated however the files in the solution are not copied to the Style Library.

SPSite tempSite = new SPSite(Global.url);

            SPUserToken ownertoken = tempSite.Owner.UserToken;

            using (SPSite siteCollection = new SPSite(Global.url, ownertoken))
                SPDocumentLibrary solutionGallery = (SPDocumentLibrary)siteCollection.GetCatalog(SPListTemplateType.SolutionCatalog);

                SPFile file = solutionGallery.RootFolder.Files.Add(Global.sharepointSolutionName, File.ReadAllBytes(Global.currentDirectory));

                SPUserSolution solution = siteCollection.Solutions.Add(file.Item.ID);


If I upload and activate the same solution manually everything works great.

Any idea of what I am missing here to get the files in the directories?

Thanks in advance.

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Your code needs to activate the feature that provisions the files.


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