I've got a question regarding moving a sharepoint site.

Basically a user has created a Site collection on a wrong content DB and I'm now having to move it.

The problem I have is that content on the old content DB needs to be moved with the site but not all of it.

The site has a wiki list of pages and I need to get that from the old content db to the new one.

What would be the best method to do this? Would I be best off just backing up the list and importing that?

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You can use the PowerShell Cmdlet Move-SPSite to move a Site Collection from one Content Database to another.

BUT there is NO way to move a part of as Site Collection to another Content database. ALL of a site collection is ALWAYS stored in ONE and only ONE Content Database.

A farm has one or more Web Applications
A Web Application has one or more Content Databases
A Content Database has one or more Site Collections
A Site Collection as one or more Sites
A Site has zero or more lists


If you just need that list from the old contentdb / site collection, just create a new Site Collection where you want the data to be, export the list from the old location and import it at the new location


If you do not need the entire site collection, dont move it.

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