I have a solution Package which comprises of multiple features, Events receivers, layouts, timerjobs, webparts and custom Master Page. In my Central Administration, I have two web applications. I would like to use the same package(with Different GUIDs) for each web application. One webapplication is http://intranet.swl.com. The other web application is http://team.swl.com. I would like to use the same branding, web parts and event receivers for team site as main site. I am getting error when I try to install the solution package to http://team.swl.com. Its says

"the solution is currently installed in the farm to the directory "swl.master". Unistall the existing feature before you install a new version of the solution"

Please let me know if there is any other easy way to handle this.

  • For your information you cannot deploy Event receivers particular to a web application. Event receivers will be deployed globally. Jun 27, 2013 at 14:25

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It is a strange requirement to have the same package with different GUIDs. In common case you install package to the farm

Add-SPSolution C:\test.wsp

If you run this command twice you can see the wsp file is an unique value for this action.

Add-SPSolution : A solution with the same name "test.wsp" or id "4b3dbe7a-6fbe-4361-9731-ab111fa22ef1" already exists in the solution store.

When the solution is added to the solution storage you can deploy it to any web as you wish. You can control it through CA (system settings -> manage farm solutions).

enter image description here

Some solution should be globally deployed.

If you would like to update old version of solution to new, see update solution actions.

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