Is there any way to override the standard behavior (javascript) of Ribbon controls? For example, I need the Color selector populate not all the colors available, but a restricted subset of them. In the CMDUI.xml file I see that Ribbon.EditingTools.CPEditTab.Font.FontColor element has an attribute PopulatequeryCommand="GetFontColorMenuXml". So, is it any way to override this out-of-the-box Command, so that it returns specified colors instead of standard set, or I need to develop my own color picker and replace the standard with it?

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I don't think that this can be done without changing OOTB javascript and definition files. This is not recommended.

So, yes - you need to develop your own color picker, hide default one and show custom in same place.

I also found this article:


In short, you can customize it. Here is a nice example:


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