I'm trying to change the size of Zone 2 to fit next to Zone 1 on a SharePoint page. Right now, Zone 1 is left on the top of the page and Zone 2 on the right side at the bottom of page. I need both the zones next to each other on the top of page. How to move Zone 2 up?

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Assuming you have this open in SharePoint Designer, go to the Code view and look for the HTML Table that surrounds the web part zones (scan the code for WebPartZone elements). You'll notice the width of the <TD> elements that surround the webpartzones has percentage widths. Try altering these and flipping back to the Layout view to see how it changes. By default I think they are split 60%/40% but padding might be pushing one of the two to become too big.

  • I should have mentioned that this is for a blog page--Zone 1--Navigation. I made the width smaller and it added a horizontal and vertical scrollbar. But I only want the vertical scrollbar. Do you know how I can make the horizontal disappear????
    – govgirl
    Feb 17, 2012 at 19:30

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