I have provisioned the starter kiton my tenant and its really impressing with some additional webparts included. see below


But can we still get the script editor or the content editor webpart equivalent that use to be in the classic team sites?

Thanks in Advance


The script editor is available out of the box in the classic experience. Maybe you are on SharePoint online and the scripting is disabled for the tenant then you will not see those web parts available.

If you are using modern experience that is not available out of the box but there are few open source web part you could use to substitute. Have a look at:



  • Marek i'm referring to Modern UI though..Is this the case? – naijacoder May 15 at 10:47
  • The script is enabled but no script editor in Modern UI sites – naijacoder May 15 at 11:40
  • I am sorry @naijacoder I misunderstood your question I thought you were refering to classic experience. I have updated my answer. – Marek Sarad May 15 at 12:47

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