What are the best practices for SharePoint server 2013 at VM hardware level?

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    best practices in which prospective ! Installation, Management, Administrations !
    – cjs
    Commented Aug 28, 2017 at 17:17

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basically it depends about the one's requirement. How many users you are expecting, what service application will be used, purpose of the farm etc. here are some hardware requirement:

Type                                           Memory        Processor   
Dev/stage/test server                          8GB RAM        4 CPU

All-in-one Database/Web/Service Application    24GB RAM       4 CPU

Web/SA server                                  12GB RAM       4 CPU
DB server (medium environments)                16GB RAM       8 CPU

DB server (small environments)                 8GB RAM        4 CPU

Here is really good article from Technet, which will cover all topics in it.

Use best practice configurations for the SharePoint 2013 virtual machines and Hyper-V environment

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