I'm very new to SharePoint and stuck on below:

I have a site with loads of events and all of those events uses 1 registration form. Every time a user wants to register to an event they have to navigate to the actual event page and then click 'Register' which open up the form in a separate browser window.

What I want to do is to redirect the actual event page to a 'Thank you' page once the form is submitted.

My problem is, as I'm getting the user to fill the form in a separate window how do I get the actual event page to be redirected which sits in the background.


Briefly: Create a custom "Thank you"-page referred as the source in a custom "New Item"-button.

More detailed: When the default "New Item"-form is opened, it's done through an URL where the source is referred as


You can create your custom "New Item"-button which directs to the given URL. When the form is submitted (= new item is added), it redirects back to http://site/page.aspx which can be your page indicating thanks and what ever you prefer to have there.

SPServices, a kind of toolkit library for SharePoint, provides a jQuery alternative for redirecting as well. You can read about it here.

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