I am building SharePoint 2013 Wiki library with pages that will have training instructions for a new online SharePoint tool. I wanted to create some imbedded links to all the wiki pages across the top of each page for easy navigation. However, when I created the hyperlinks in OneNote and paste them back into the site four of the ten links don't work. When I look at the link properties the address is blank. If I add it manually and save the page the address is removed from the link tab. This is true of all hyperlinks on the page to these four wiki pages. I figure it has something to do with the four pages but I can't think of what. I know it is not URL length because I have checked that and have other URL that work that are longer.

  • Some additional information, I have built link "ribbons" like this before using OneNote to create hyperlinks with names I want and pasting them onto a Wiki page.
    – Ben.intj
    Jan 10, 2017 at 0:40
  • So I found the potential problem. Here is one of my working links: /ops/eda/ppriskmgt/RiskWiki/Step%201%20Create%20Screening.aspx. Here is one of the broken ones: /ops/eda/ppriskmgt/RiskWiki/%E2%80%8BStep%203%20RAS%20Creation.aspx. What is this "%E2%80%8B" in front of my page name? All the broken links have it.
    – Ben.intj
    Jan 10, 2017 at 1:06
  • One more thing. The links, even the ones that won't work in SharePoint, all work fine when I click on them in OneNote... ...I am confused o_O
    – Ben.intj
    Jan 10, 2017 at 1:08

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The problem could be the extra character (%E2%80%8BE). This happens when you copy/paste urls from MS Word or other Office Apps. This is an invisible/non-printing formatting character (UTF-8: E2 80 8E with name Left-to-right mark).

So, you should decode your links when inserting those on SharePoint. Use an online URL Decoder/Encoder.


It's encoding issue. Before copying it from source decode it properly by this tool. After decoding, you can see clean url.

Encoded URL: /ops/eda/ppriskmgt/RiskWiki/Step%201%20Create%20Screening.as‌​px
Decoded URL: /ops/eda/ppriskmgt/RiskWiki/Step 1 Create Screening.as‌​px

Resolution: Update all corrupted links.

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