We are in the process of deploying a Sharepoint 2013 4 server farm at our company. We've had pretty good success getting it done, but are hitting a wall here with the hashtag system.

Currently, hashtags work on certain pages (mysites, newsfeed, main pages) but not everywhere. They're not necessarily picked up on subsites. Like if I join a discussion on a subsite, and #hashtag, it doesn't recognize it as a hashtag and also doesn't find it on the crawl. We want hashtags to work on the site and everything in/under it. What am I missing here?

Thanks, Everyone!

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Have you turned on "Community Site Feature" for the sites you're referring to?

Site Settings > Site Features > Community Site Feature

Hope this helps

  • Yes, it is, but thanks for the suggestion. Commented Jan 22, 2016 at 16:04

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