I am working on a requirement to display all sub sites and list/Libraries inside sub site using REST. I am able to fetch Sub sites and List/Libraries but i am not able to fetch List/Library Url's. Can anyone please help me in fetching List URL's using REST API.



You can use this URL : http://rootsite/_api/Web/webs?$expand=Lists/RootFolder&$select=Lists/RootFolder/ServerRelativeURL. This will return the subwebs along with the lists property expanded for each subweb. The Lists property will return all the lists and libraries associated with the subsite.

  • Yeah your's better. No need to iterate sub webs. Sep 1 '15 at 18:37

Try this one:


Then iterate all results and select list.RootFolder.ServerRelativeUrl.

  • A bit earlier :)
    – Akhoy
    Sep 1 '15 at 18:03
  • If you're in a modern enough environment, JavaScript's map() function can help with the iteration part: let listInfos = items.map((item: any) => { return { title: item.Title, url: item.RootFolder.ServerRelativeUrl }; });
    – teeth7
    Feb 28 '18 at 18:00

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