I'm trying to use the GetChanges REST API call in SharePoint 2013 from a standalone Java app using Apache HttpClient. The JSON body in the POST request body looks like this:


which matches the sample at:


I'm setting the Accept and Content-type headers to:


and also setting the X-RequestDigest header to the FormDigestValue from the contextinfo request.

But I get back a 400 response with this message:

"The parameter Web does not exist in method GetChanges."

If I omit the Web and Update properties from the request there is no error but I get an empty results array.

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The JSON Body Should be

"{ 'query': { '__metadata': { 'type': 'SP.ChangeQuery' }, 'Web': true, 'Update': true } }"

Figured out the issue: The parameters such as Web and Update must be inside the query object, not outside.

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