i want to retrieve the files from sharepoint document libraries url to filestream using aspx and c# coding.

Can any help me how to do it......?


Use this method to get a File object from a URL:


Use this method to read the data to a stream:


If you want to go through all files in a document library, you'll need to write a method that opens an SPList instance of your library, then gets a collection of listitems (SPListItemCollection) from that list, and access the SPListItem.File object of each item.

  • I used SPFile to downlaod the file. Its downloaded. When i tried to open, it is saying that "File is Corrupted"....? Can you have an idea Why it is happening..? – user2587 Mar 11 '11 at 7:14

I ran into this old question, but maybe this will help someone:

Microsoft.SharePoint.SPFile spFile = Microsoft.SharePoint.SPContext.Current.Web.GetFile( "subcat/test.docx" );

This will get the local file automatically for you, doing most of the work.

  • While this post may answer the question, we prefer more details such as "why". Please edit your post with additional details. See answer for general guidelines. – SPDoctor May 7 '12 at 17:45

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