Chikku Jacob

I have been working as a software developer for Allianz Technology. In this role, I am working on developing applications, but I have also interacted regularly with customers to gather system requirements and help them resolve their issues with software products. In addition to this, I have earned various Awards in Hackathons and Digithons across the Globe.

Moreover, I am familiar with Programming Languages like Python, Flask, C#, HTML, CSS, VBA, VB6, PL SQL, Share point and JavaScript. I am sure the wide technological knowledge will come in handy in most situations and I can learn any new technologies in a short time with ease. Using what I know, I have been able to work with customers both remotely and onsite. Thus am just as experienced with the technical end of IT as I am with the customer service end.

I am grateful for your time, kindness, and attention in considering me for this position. It would be an honor to be able to work as part of your team.

I have got special skills including Yoga and Reiki. I am a certified Yoga and Reiki practitioner. I can give training to employees across the organization and keep their health and morale up during the crisis and pandemic times like this.